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Girl Names Starting with R

Girl Names Starting with R

Girl Names that Begin with R

Welcome to the R-Team, where all girl names on this page bear the letter R as their first letter. If you're looking for a moniker that's out of the ordinary and unforgettable, then you're in luck because we've got a list of the most unique and popular girl names that start with R.

The Most Unique and Popular R-Names for Girls

Relaxed R-Names

  • Rayne: A name that means peaceful and abundant. Perfect for little rainbows who are as bright as they are calming.
  • Raven: A beautiful African-American name that means bird. Your little raven would be unique with this name.
  • Riley: This Irish name means brave, valiant. The perfect name for future fighter girls.
  • Raine: The perfect name for beautiful girls. This name means queen. How cool!
  • Ramona: Meaning “protector” in Spanish, Ramona is a beautiful name with roots in many cultures.
  • Raya: A beautiful name that means “friend” or “queen” in Hebrew.

Regal R-Names

  • Regina: A beautiful name that means queen in Latin. A cute name for your little princess.
  • Rowena: This Welsh name means "famous friend." This unique name reminds us of Hermione's apparition from Harry Potter!
  • Rosalind: A name that means "beautiful rose" in Latin. This name fits any girl who's sweet and delicate.
  • Rebecca: Meaning "captivating, captivating" in Hebrew, Rebecca is a simple and feminine name great for every princess in a fairytale.
  • Ruby: The name of a precious gemstone that combines elegance and strength. It's perfect for a girl who's brilliant and fiery.

Romantic R-Names

  • Rosie: This English name comes from “Rose” and means “a rose flower.” It’s a beautiful name for a girl who’s pure-hearted and charming.
  • Raphaela: A Spanish name that means "God has healed." It reminds us of the healing power of love.
  • Rafaela: This Hebrew name means "God heals," which makes it a great name for any girl who loves to help others.
  • Renata: Meaning "reborn" in Latin, Renata is a fresh and unique name for a girl who is bright and lively.
  • Reese: A Welsh name that means "ardent". An ideal name for a feisty woman who's also sweet.

Rambunctious R-Names

  • Rori: An Irish name that means "red king”. Perfect name for a little tomboy with a heart of gold.
  • Ryder: This name means "cavalryman" in Old English, making it a great fit for any little adventurer.
  • Ripley: This Anglo-Saxon name has many meanings, including ‘striped clearing,’ ‘cleared wood’, and ‘red field’. It's perfect for girls who are wild and free-spirited.
  • Rogue: This name means "a dishonest man or thief," but it also has a positive meaning---"an independent and adventurous person" suitable for the unique girl who goes her own way.
  • Ravena: This Latin name means "from the ravens", and it's great for fierce girls who march to the beat of their own drums.

There you have it, folks! The coolest R-names for girls. Go ahead and choose one that will fit your little one's personality the best or reflect your own personality if you're in the process of changing your name. The possibilities are endless. Good luck!

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