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Girl Names Starting with O

Girl Names Starting with O

Oh hey there! Looking for a perfect girl name that starts with the letter O? Well, you've come to the right page! Let's dive into our list of creative and cool names that will make your baby stand out in a crowd.

Classic Girl Names Starting with O

  • Olivia: This name has become a modern classic for a reason. It means "olive tree" and is a perennial favorite.
  • Odette: A French name that means "wealthy" or "rich," this name brings elegance and grace to mind.
  • Ophelia: A name of Greek origin that means "help" or "aid," this name is perfect for a nurturing and caring girl.
  • Octavia: This name means "eighth" and has Roman origins. It gives off a strong and regal vibe, perfect for a confident girl.
  • Oriana: This name means "dawn" and feels vibrant and joyful. It's perfect for a girl with a sunny disposition.

Trendy Girl Names Starting with O

  • Oaklyn: A modern invention, this name evokes the image of a strong and sturdy oak tree.
  • Orielle: This name is a variation of Oriana and also means "dawn." It feels mystical and ethereal.
  • Oleander: A unique and bold name, Oleander is a type of flower that symbolizes caution. It's a perfect choice for a daring and adventurous girl.
  • Onyx: A gemstone name that's been rising in popularity, Onyx feels strong and empowered. It's perfect for a girl who knows her worth.
  • Ophira: This name of Hebrew origin means "gold." It's perfect for a confident and radiant girl.

Uncommon Girl Names Starting with O

  • Osanna: A beautiful and obscure name, Osanna means "praised" in Hebrew. It has a regal feel to it.
  • Ovidia: An Italian name that means "shepherdess," Ovidia feels earthy and grounded. It's perfect for a girl who loves nature.
  • Ozara: This name of Arabic origin means "princess" or "pure." It's perfect for a girl who feels like royalty.
  • Ozelle: This name means "divine power" and has a mystical and otherworldly feel to it.
  • Orinthia: A unique and uncommon name, Orinthia means "bird." It's perfect for a girl who loves to soar above the rest.

There you have it, folks! A complete list of girl names starting with O with different categories to choose from. Whether you're looking for something classic, trendy, or uncommon, we've got you covered. Happy naming!

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