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Girl Names Starting with E

Girl Names Starting with E

Girl Names Starting with E

Are you expecting a baby girl and on the hunt for a unique name that starts with the letter E? Look no further! We’ve rounded up a plethora of girl names that begin with the letter E – from classic to modern and everything in between.

Classic Girl Names Starting with E

  • Elizabeth – This timeless moniker means “pledged to God” and is commonly shortened to Liz or Lizzie.
  • Emily – This name has been a popular choice for over a century and means “rival”.
  • Eleanor – A classic name that means “bright, shining one”, often abbreviated to Ellie or Nora.
  • Evelyn – This elegant name means “wished for child” and is a great option for parents who desire a timeless yet modern feel.
  • Edith – This charming vintage name means “prosperous in war” and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Modern Girl Names Starting with E

  • Emmalyn – A modern twist on the classic name Emma, meaning “entire, whole”.
  • Ellie – This sweet and spunky name means “light” and has become particularly popular in recent years.
  • Everly – A stylish and unique name meaning “from the meadow of the boar”.
  • Emerson – A name that’s become increasingly popular in recent years for girls, meaning “brave” and “powerful”.

Uncommon Girl Names Starting with E

  • Elowen – A beautiful and unique name meaning “elm tree”.
  • Elspeth – A Scottish name meaning “pledged to God” that could be a unique alternative to classic names like Elizabeth.
  • Effie – A vintage name that’s making a comeback, this moniker means “pleasant talk”.
  • Enid – A Welsh name meaning “soul” or “life” that could be a unique option for parents looking for something unconventional yet meaningful.
  • Euphemia – A Greek name that means “well-spoken” and is sure to make a statement.

No matter which name you choose, make it one that you and your little girl will love for years to come!

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