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Boy Names Starting with V

Boy Names Starting with V

Yo! Welcome to Starting-With! Today, we're checking out boy names that start with V. These names are cool, bold, and spunky just like you. Let's get started, shall we?

Classic Names

  • Victor - This name means conqueror, which is fitting for your little champ.
  • Vincent - This name means to conquer, excel, or prevail. Sounds like a winner to us.
  • Vance - This name means marshland, and it's perfect if you love nature.
  • Valentine - This name means healthy or strong, which we totally dig. Plus, it's unique!

Modern Names

  • Vaden - A smooth and trendy name that means from the hill of Denmark.
  • Vance - This name means from the marsh. It's short, sweet, and snappy.
  • Vaughn - This name means little, which is ironic since it isn't so little on the coolness scale.
  • Vidal - A unique name that means life-giving. Sounds like someone who's going to make some waves.

Unisex Names

  • Vail - Vail means valley, which makes it perfect for a unisex name that's always in style.
  • Valor - Valor means bravery, so your little warrior can wear this name like a badge of honor.
  • Verne - Verne means alder tree, and it's a quirky and unexpected name that works for both boys and girls.

There you have it, folks! We hope our list of boy names starting with V helps you find the perfect name for your little one. Don't forget to check out our other name lists for more inspiration.

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