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Boy Names Starting with B

Boy Names Starting with B

Boy Names that Begin with B

Welcome to Starting-With, the website that specializes in naming words that begin with specific letters. Today, we're talking about the letter B and boy names that start with it! Whether you are an expectant parent looking for the perfect name for your child, or you just love exploring names, this list is for you! Let's jump in and explore the amazing world of boy names starting with B.

Traditional Boy Names that Start with B

  • Benjamin: This classic name means "son of the right hand" and has been a favorite for generations.
  • Bradley: A name that originates from Old English, meaning "wide meadow."
  • Brian: An Irish name which means "strength" or "virtue."
  • Bruce: A Scottish name meaning "thick brush."
  • Bryan: A name of English origin that means "high," or "noble."
  • Brendan: An Irish name meaning "prince" or "little raven."

Creative and Unique Boy Names that Begin with B

  • Baylor: This name is of Old English origin meaning "bailiff" or "one who manages." It also references the prestigious university in Texas.
  • Bentley: An English name which means "meadow with coarse grass."
  • Bodhi: A unique Sanskrit name that translates to "enlightenment" or "awakening."
  • Briar: A name that means "thorny patch" or "shrub" as seen in the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.
  • Bailey: A name of English origin meaning "bailiff" or "steward."
  • Blaze: A name meaning "fire," "flame," or "shining."

Pocket-friendly Boy Names that Begin with B

  • Beau: A French word meaning "handsome."
  • Bryce: A name originating from Old English which means "proud," or "ambitious."
  • Blake: An English name that means "dark" or "fair-haired."
  • Boone: An Old French name meaning "good" or "blessed."
  • Brett: A name of English origin meaning "a Breton."
  • Bellamy: A French name which means "good-looking companion."

In Conclusion

There you have it! These are some of the amazing boy names that start with the letter "B". Whether you're seeking a traditional name or something unique and memorable, you're sure to find something that fits the bill. Remember that the name you choose for your child is a reflection of who they are, so take your time and choose wisely.

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